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“Fragrance” is a device which could lighten an incense stick manually (Lighting an incense stick is a Chinese tradition on paying tribute to God in Buddhism).

Width 340mm x Depth 60mm x Height 320mm


“Fragrance” is a manual lighting device, by opening the device, there is a small hole for inserting an incense stick. Switch on the button inside the small cup, then close the device. The scent of incense stick would come from a tiny tube from the device.

“Fragrance” and “Character” were cropped from a log (White Oak) by using electrical saw to an ideal proportion. Liquid gloss were pour into the hollow space for “Fragrance”. The lightening component is a series circuit made up by a 9V battery and super flux cored solder, while the voltages cross through by switching on under a small cup. For engraving the characters on “Character”, the precise dimension of its wood piece was captured by camera. Then using the software Illustrator to measure a 1:1 proportion in cutting a resin board into an accurate shape to fit the wood. The characters engrave was done by a laser machine. 

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