“Character” is an article which illustrated traditional Chinese hand-written characters from several signboards from my hometown (Macao, China). Its specifically types of characters are hand-written and popular for signboards calligraphy design in Hong Kong-Macao area in China between the 70s to 80s. Unfortunately, these traditional designs and considered an impressive heritage are happening to be extinct, by replacing from the digital creation.


Production was challenging due to the in-depth research on traditional-orientated information and appropriate use of materials and machines/tools. Before commencing the project, the initial ideas are required to be consistent with the genuine sources related to Chinese traditions and life style. Gloria researched about character and language design on a Hong Kong visual culture and designer Adonian Chan for "Character", the accuracy of adapting the right character is crucial as it will affect the design.


“Character” is a paper/notes holder, there is a record of traditional Chinese characters kept inside a cavity that can by view by audiences.


“Fragrance” and “Character” were cropped from a log (White Oak) by using electrical saw to an ideal proportion. Liquid gloss were pour into the hollow space for “Fragrance”. For engraving the characters on “Character”, the precise dimension of its wood piece was captured by camera. Then using the software Illustrator to measure a 1:1 proportion in cutting a resin board into an accurate shape to fit the wood. The characters engrave was done by a laser machine. “Resilience” was concisely shaped and crafted by a wood band saw machine.

Width 320mm x Depth 40mm x Height 330mm 

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