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Lunch Box 


It is composed of two small plates of the compartment,
This is still an experimental stage, please look forward to my follow-up development.

Shell 殼


I use a lot of pieces of small pieces of wood into a shell, it can be expanded and pulled, in this effect, it will produce a crisp sound of wood chips. it was created by 2015.

Homesickness 思鄉
The project adopted real-life experiences from the creator, also contained abundant Chinese cultural background, life style and traditions. Based on the daily activities Gloria encountered at her hometown Macao, she selected three objects that heartily expressed her "homesickness". Research investigated the consistency between daily life experiences with historical references of several Chinese traditions and ideologies. "Fragrance"; represented the belief and activities in Buddhism and "Character"; illustrated the unique and traditional calligraphy heritage that is extinct in the Hong Kong-Macao area. on completing the project. 
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