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This project was inspired by Gloria’s enthusiasm on the on-going collection of interesting designed bags and suitcases, to create one by hands has always been her greatest wish. As Gloria explored abundant knowledge on wood-crafting during the first year of university, she started to fall in love with wood creation and crafting. Ideas of combining wood and suitcases or devices were bouncing thoroughly in her mind and imagination, therefore the thoughts for the core structure of project were finalised. Gloria’s philosophy and perspectives on nature are best narrated by wood. ‘A fruitful and muscular tree grows from a seed; a person is made begins from a family.’ Under the conception of Chinese ideology, family is the root of everything, building strong relationships within a family is an essential part of life. Consequently, wood can be implied as an integration of Gloria’s beliefs in relations and connections.

​思 鄉  Homesickness



Production was challenging due to the in-depth research on traditional-orientated information and appropriate use of materials and machines/tools. Before commencing the project, the initial ideas are required to be consistent with the genuine sources related to Chinese traditions and life style. Gloria researched about character and language design on a Hong Kong visual culture and designer Adonian Chan for "Character";, the accuracy of adapting the right character is crucial as it will affect the design. Also, the experiment of making of "Resilience" were trial for a long period of time to craft the equitable balance in order to show the aesthetics of the article, as well as the elasticity of wood. Multiple tools and machines are assisted to fulfill the perfection on completing the project. 

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